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Discover a Complete System for Achieving Long Term Success and REAL Energy on the Raw Vegan Diet; Without Confusing Theories, Missing Information, or Conflicting Advice!

Beat Your Junk Food Cravings at Dinnertime With Amazingly Easy, Low-Fat, and Delicious SAVOURY raw Recipes.

If you’ve tried to eat an all raw or a mostly raw diet for any period of time, then you know you need to eat a good VARIETY of healthy foods to keep you TRULY SATISFIED!

Easy To Find Ingredients And Simple Instructions

Includes 100% Dehydrator-Free Recipes!

You won’t even have to think! Instead, you just look at the menu for the day and there you go; everything is already written out for you.

We’ve designed our menu planner with delicious raw food recipes that are both low in fat and dehydrator FREE.

Cheesy Chorizo Burrito (Oil-Free, Gluten-Free)

Cheesy Chorizo Burrito (Raw, Vegan, Oil-Free, No Dehydrator Needed!)

Raw Veggie Wraps with Homemade Sauce (Low fat, No Dehydrator Needed!)

Discover Savoury Raw Recipes That Not Only Taste Great But Are Also Easy To Prepare.

All the ingredients are easily obtained, and the meals are simple to make.

Following a healthy plant based diet is difficult enough without having to choose the proper ingredients and following the proper recipes... we're all busy people!

Let me handle all that for you.

If you already have a diet/routine in place, you can pick and choose what recipes to implement, giving you total freedom to adjust your diet as you see fit.

Based on fruits and vegetables, NOT just nuts and seeds.

Rainbow Veggie Coconut Wraps (Raw, Vegan, Oil-Free, No Dehydrator Needed!) 

Enjoy Mouth-Wateringly Delicious Oil-Free, Raw Vegan Desserts That Can Be Made In Less Than 10 Minutes And Don't Require A Dehydrator.

Plum Mousse

Plum Mousse

Raw Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

“The Key To A Lifetime Of Health Is Now Available At Your Fingertips”

Do you have trouble deciding what to eat? Do you worry about making delicious raw foods that you'll actually enjoy?

Each day you'll get an entire menu planner, so you can prepare delicious raw food meals that will astound anyone who tastes them!

Follow the entire menu for a month and watch your energy levels soar, and your waistline decrease.

I guarantee it.

Each menu planner shows you exactly what to eat, day by day; with 100% oil-free recipes and complete shopping lists to help you with your errands.

Fat Loss / Raw Food Transformation: The photo on the left was taken when my weight was 84 kilos (185 lb). The photo on the right was taken 4 weeks later. I now weigh 67 Kilos (147 lb).

Look fit and healthy, and knock years off your visible age.

Switching your diet to a raw, or mostly raw, plant-based diet - as shown in my Simply Raw 30-Day Menu Planner - could have a profound and positive effect on the appearance of your face. 

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How can I access the menu planner and bonuses?

As soon as you complete your purchase, the download links will be available on the confirmation page.

Do any of the recipes in the planner contain oil?

No, none of the recipes contain any oil. Only fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds as the main ingredients.

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The Essential Guide to Creating Delicious Oil-Free and Low-Fat Raw Vegan Burgers. A Must-Have Book in Any Raw Kitchen.

Enter: The Raw Burger Book. Finally, a book with raw burger recipes that are simple to prepare and ingredients you can easily find. 

Here's what's unique about this book:

• The first raw burger book of its kind in the entire raw food movement: To prepare each recipe, you only need a cutting board and a blender! No dehydrator or special equipment required.

• The recipes are clearly explained and use ingredients that are easy to find 

Energizing, nutrient-dense recipes

• Much lower in fat than similar recipes found in other books, and 100% OIL-FREE

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